20 Best Content Writing Tips for the Beginners

In blogging, content is the king. As such content writing is the most important matter for a blogger. The better content helps the bloggers to make the article most acceptable to the readers. Generally, the new bloggers open a blog and start thinking about the ranking of his blog. They start thinking about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), backlinking, marketing, traffic etc to up rank his blog and earn dollars.

When the content is best on your blog, people are bound to visit it. First, you should make a blog, start good content writing, do a better SEO and then go for marketing. Then Google will automatically find out your site and rank it.

So, the quality of the content is the key to your blog. Here I would like to mention some of the techniques to be followed by the new writers for successful content writing.Tips for effective content writing

Tips for effective content writing

  • Research the subject matter. Before starting writing your content, select your niche and research the subject matter of your niche.  The subject should solve the problem of the visitors of your site/blog.
  • Research your keywords. Research the best key words for your article before starting the content writing. Keyword research is an important factor in selecting the keywords.
  • Collect materials. Start collecting materials on the subject from different sources, it may be physical or virtual. The information must be authentic and true; otherwise, you will lose the returning visitors in your blog and your blog may be subjected to the penalty by Google. After collecting the materials related to your subject you should start writing. You may use Google+ and Evernote to file the collected information and make a draft of your article. Evernote allows you to save the web pages to a cloud based file system.
  • Start drafting.  Make your 1st, 2nd, and the 3rd draft. If you want to write an article of 500 words, initially make it more than 1000 words in your first draft. Then deduct the content which is less important for your article. This way you make your 2nd and the 3rd draft. Sometimes, you have to be very ruthless to deduct the content from your article to make it a better quality article.
  • Write headline/title. Write a very good catchy headline/title on your selected subject. You may visit the sites Content Idea generator or HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator for making good headline/title.
  • Write sub-headlines. Write 3-4 sub headlines basing on your subject headline/title. Here you need to discuss your topic elaborately.
  • Write introduction. Write a catchy introduction. Make the first sentence your best.  It will help you to make interest to the visitors to go in depth of your article.
  • Write the body of the article. Write 2-3 paragraphs under each sub-headline to describe your subject. Try to give proper example against your each statement.
  • Write conclusion. Write an excellent conclusion. It should contain the summary of the content written under different sub headings. Here you should remind your readers the key points of your topic/ article. There should be a call to action message which the readers should keep in his memory.
  • Internal links. Try to give some internal links in reference to some of your existing articles in your blog. This a great technique to keep your visitor engaged into your blog.
  • External links. Give some external links to some good articles/blogs on your niche. This will increase the quality of your writing.
  • Keyword density. The key word density is an important matter in the perspective of Google search. But in my opinion, if somebody can write natural, nothing to be worried about the density. Write natural, then you will find that the keyword density is being maintained automatically. Try to use the main keyword in the heading and some of the sub-headings.
  • Image/Video. Use image and videos to increase the quality of your writing. Use only the images/videos related to your topics. Do not use any irrelevant image/video. Again the video length should be optimum. It should not cause the irritating for the readers.
  • Provide tables/charts. Try to give tables/charts to highlight different statistics on the subject. This will definitely upgrade the quality of your content.
  • Infographics. Now a day, the infographic is very important items to write a good article. It provides very important messages to the readers within very short time. It will also help you in acquiring backlinks and increase the google ranking of your article.
  • Plagiarism. Do not use any content directly from others writings of the web. Or in other words, do not do copy-paste. Try to write your own original content. You take others writing as a reference, but you are to acknowledge it. Also, do not use any copyright image or video. You may use check the plagiarism of your content here for free.
  • Check the spelling & grammar. Spelling and grammar is a very important aspect of the content writing. If there are spelling mistakes and incorrect grammar in your writing you will lose the confidence of the readers. The readers will feel irritating and may not come back to visit your site again. you may use this tools to check the grammar and spelling of your content.
  • Length of the content. The length is an important factor in content writing. Your article should not be less than 300 words. Whatever may be the length, your aim should be transmitting the message in the correct manner. You should keep in mind that the content should not be so small that the readers do not understand the theme of the writing. Again the length should not be so big that the readers lose the interest of reading the article. In both cases, your aim of writing the article will go in vein.
  • Writing technique. Keep the paragraph short. 2-3 sentences in each paragraph. Write simple English; do not use any jargon. Do not make your writing keyword stuffing. Make your writing natural. Write for the audience not for the search engine. Write only on a single item at a time.
  • Proofreading and editing. Great content writing never happens in the first draft. Read the content again and again and try to understand whether it provides the message you originally intended to pass. Forward your 3rd draft content writing to your friends or family members to read it and comment on it. Listen to the comments and act as per your judgments. For the best quality of content writing, you will need to revise your content again and again. Edit the content, til it achieves perfection.


Content writing is the main job of writing an article or blog post. If your content is not good, visitors will not visit your site. Generally, people visit a blog to read something, to get the solution of his/her problem and to gather knowledge.  If the content of the blog is not good and it is not well written then it does not fulfill his/her requirements.

As such the blog writer must provide the information from most reliable and authentic sources. While writing, the writer must be aware so that there is no grammatical or spelling mistake. The writer may lose his/her credibility. The content should have a justified length as per the merit of the subject.

The content should be supported by the images, videos, infographics, tables etc to enhance its quality. Above all your revision must be very accurate as it is the last stage of the content writing. Once your content writing is good, you have to have good SEO and marketing. If you follow all these tips of content writing, your content must be excellent and you will have more and more traffic and higher google ranking.


NeoBux-The King of PTC : Strategy for Success

There are thousands of PTC sites floating in the virtual world but all of them are not legit and trusted. Finding out a trusted PTC site is really a challenge for the online earners. Neobux is undoubtedly a unique site of its nature. It is paying regularly and consistently to its clients since its inception in 2008. We can find many proofs of payment like thousands of dollars to its members.
There are different ways of earnings in this site; clicking ads, completing tasks, advertising website etc. Online workers have much of interest to this site due to its genuineness, trustworthiness, and consistency since long. As such it is named as ‘King of PTC Sites’. Online earners can earn huge money from this site if they work with patience, dedication, and perseverance.

Types of Membership

There are different types of membership in Neobux who enjoys different types of privileges. Different types of Membership and their earnings are given below:
  • Standard Member
  • Golden Member
  • Emerald Member
  • Sapphire Member  
  • Platinum Member
  • Diamond Member
  • Ultimate Membership

How it works

Initially, the site provides 04 (four) Fixed Advertisements for clicking to its Standard Members which is mandatory to click every day. But these mandatory Fixed Advertisements increases to 09 (Nine) for other types of members. There are other types of ads for clicking which come continuously throughout the day. The value of ads varies from $0.001 to $0.02. For the convenient of the newcomers I am giving a chronological order of working in NeoBux:
  • Then you are to fill up the above form with all your genuine information.
  • Hence you will receive an email in your mailbox for verification of your email. You are to click on it for activation of your account and after activation, you will be taken to the Homepage of Neobux.
  • Click on all the yellow & pink colored ads and continue doing such every day (preferably at the same time) consistently and thereby your journey of earnings is started at NeoBux.
  • After clicking the ads you will find the following figures and your click will be completed and your dollar will be credited to your account.
Different ways of Income in NeoBux
You can earn from NeoBux in the following ways:
  • Clicking ads regularly
  • Completing Offers
  • Completing Tasks
  • Clicking on AdPrize
  • NeoCoin Points
  • Acquiring Direct Referrals
  • Hiring Rented Referrals
(without referrals it is very difficult to manage high rate of earning from PTC sites)

Hiring and Management of Rented Referrals

Hiring referrals are very easy if you have the dollar in your pocket but their management is very difficult as all the referrals are not active like you. Management of referral is nothing but selecting the active vs inactive referrals and thereby firing the inactive referrals. If the hired referrals are not managed properly they will eat your earnings and you will be looser finally.
As such it is a paramount job to manage the hired referrals at any cost. Initially, the referrals are hired for one month and you can extend their life for next 15 days, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days 180 days and 240 days respectively paying various rates of commissions.
      Some Important Points for Management of Rented Referrals:
  • You may rent referral after 15 days of your membership and after clicking 100 ads.
  • After renting referral, keep the AutoPay enabled.
  • If a referral has not clicked consecutively for 03 whose average is less than 1, recycle him.
  •  If a referral has click average between 1 & 1.5 then allow 4/5 days before you recycle him.
  • If a referral is very consistent and click average is more than 1.5 then you can allow him up to 7 days for coming back before recycling as he is your golden egg.

·   Strategy to earn $50-100 per day in NeoBux

.    Renting of referrals and their subsequent management is the key to success in Neobux. If the referrals are managed properly you can earn $50-100 every day in course of time. But you have to have PATIENCE and STRONG DETERMINATION. There is no unique strategy which suits everybody. So, you have to have trial & error method to find out the best strategy suited for you.
   Here I like to mention one strategy which I consider best for most of the NeoBux users. After becoming a Standard member if you follow the under mentioned strategy meticulously then you may get success and earn $50-100 per day.
As Standard Member:
  • You can earn $0.005 per click from each rented referral and you will have 04 (four) clicks for 04 (Four) mandatory Fixed Ads.
  • If you have 03 (three) Rented Referrals you can earn ($.005*4(Clicks)*3(referrals)) =$0.06 per day.
  • If you have 50 (fifty) Rented Referrals, you can earn ($0.005*4*50)=$1.00 per day.
  • If you have 100 (one hundred) Rented Referrals, you can earn ($0.005*4*100)=$2.00 per day.
  • If you have 300 (three hundred) Rented Referrals, you can earn ($0.005*4*300)=$6.00 per day.
As a Standard Member, you can hold maximum 300 Rented Referrals. So you can earn $6.00 every day without investing any penny.
As Golden Member:
  • You can earn $0.01 per click from each rented referral; so you can earn ($.01*4(clicks)*1(referral))=$0.04 per day from each rented referral.
  • If you have 50 (fifty) Rented Referrals, you can earn ($0.01*4*50) = $2.00 per day.
  • If you have 300 (three hundred) Rented Referrals, you can earn ($0.01*4*300) =$12.00 per day.
  • If you have 1000 (one thousand) Rented Referrals, you can earn ($0.01*4*1000) =$40.00 per day.
  • If you have 2000 (two thousand) Rented Referrals, you can earn ($0.01*4*2000) =$80.00 per day.
As a Golden Member, you can hold maximum 2000 Rented Referrals.  So you can earn $80.00 every day.
As Ultimate Member:
  • You can earn $0.01 per click from each rented referral; so you can earn ($.01*4(clicks)*1(referral))=$0.04 per day from each rented referral.
  • If you have 50 (fifty) Rented Referrals, you can earn ($0.01*4*50) = $2.00 per day.
  • If you have 300 (three hundred) Rented Referrals, you can earn ($0.01*4*300) =$12.00 per day.
  • If you have 1000 (one thousand) Rented Referrals, you can earn ($0.01*4*1000) =$40.00 per day.
  • If you have 2000 (two thousand) Rented Referrals, you can earn ($0.01*4*2000) =$80.00 per day.
  • If you have 4000 (four thousand) Rented Referrals, you can earn ($0.01*4*4000) =$160.00 per day.
As an Ultimate Member can hold maximum 4000 Rented Referrals; So your earning is $160.00 per day.

The above-mentioned earnings can only be achieved through continuous hard work. You also need to invest few dollars to this project. Moreover, you have to have all your active referrals. You have to recycle your inactive referrals continuously and renew the active referrals.

Following steps are recommended to achieve the above-mentioned goal:

Step 1: Keep clicking your ads every day consistently.
Step 2: At first you rent 100 referrals spending $20 when you become eligible for renting referrals.
Step 3: Repeat Step 2 once every week until you get to 300 referrals (Ceiling for Standard member).
Step 4: Maintain your referrals clicking average of at least 2 ads a day (recycle the referrals having the average under 2 & renew them when the average is over 2).
Step 5: Then go to Golden Membership by investing $90 to increase your referral earnings.
Step 6: Keep Renew/Recycle your referrals are above/under average 2.
Step 7: Go for Ultimate Membership investing $890.
Step 8: Repeat Step 2 once every week until you get to 4000 referrals.

Ways of acquiring Direct Referrals

Beside rented referral, you can recruit Direct Referrals to increase your income as it does not cost any money. Direct referrals can be your friends, relatives etc. There are also other ways through which you can acquire Direct Referrals, some of them are mentioned below:
  • You-Tube
  • Bidvertizer
  • Fiverr.com
  • Forum Posting
  • Other PTC sites
  • Blogs & Websites
  • Go to GetRef.com
  • Classified Ads: Craiglist & others
  • Visit freeearningtutorial.blogspot.com
  • Social Media like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter etc.
  • Site promotion in EasyHit4U.com, socialsurf4u.com
  • Answer sites like Yahoo Answers, Wiki Answers etc.

Some Points to Remember

NeoBux is a very sensitive site. If you violate the term of reference your account might be suspended and you will lose all of your earnings whatever may be the amount. So please follow all the instructions of the term & conditions the under mentioned guidelines to protect your account and further financial benefit:
  • You can view ads from 1(one) IP only.
  • One account for 1 (One) PC & 01 (one) home.
  • Follow the Server time for clicking the ads to ensure your referral earnings.
  • Fire your inactive referral; otherwise, it will eat your earnings.
  • Look for a discount to get your Golden membership. Sometimes they give a discount on special occasions.


NeoBux is a very reliable PTC site giving service for last 8 years. It is a good platform to have an extra income throughout the year. It can also be used as investment account if it could be handled properly. Proper renting and management of the referrals can give nice output to the investors. I have tried to explain the potentiality of the site but everything depends upon individual capability and his activity.

Earning From PTC Sites Without Any Investment

Introduction. Now a days, there are many ways of earning extra cash on-line besides the regular income. Among those earning from PTC (Paid To Click) sites is an important way of on-line additional financial gain. It is one of the easiest & fastest methods of on-line financial gain which need solely click to earn action. Individuals will earn cash from these sites through least brain-storming, less effort and without any investment. Initially, no doubt, the income is very less but in course of time with patience work it can give a real financial support to enjoy wealthy and prosperous life. “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together”- Vincent Van Gough.

What is PTC Site?  A PTC site is a kind of website that pays for clicking advertisements and allows the members to take part in many offers & mini-jobs placed on that site. These websites allow you to build cash in the easiest and fastest way with less effort, skill and without any investment. All you have to try to click some ads, scan some emails or complete some offers/mini-jobs/surveys. Several PTC websites need you to click on a commercial and then wait for few seconds to deposit the earnings to your site account. Once your account balance reaches the minimum payout level, you can ask for a payout. There are different payment gateways like PayPal, Payza, Perfect Money etc. affiliated with different PTC sites to withdraw your earnings. Staying active on those PTC programs allows you to earn steady and do regular on-line financial gain. However, thanks to the boom in PTC trade, there are also many scam sites out there than real ones. Good examples of trusted PTC sites are NeoBux, ClixSense etc.

How does the PTC Sites Work?  PTC sites, basically, pay to click ads, read offers and visit websites. The method is quite simple. At first, you need to sign-up in a PTC site providing necessary information. Then you need to login to the site at your suitable time for few minutes. Once an advertisement is conferred to you, you need to click thereon and browse the web page opened for the specified time. Once the time has elapsed, the reward is credited to your account balance. In general, PTC sites pay you any amount between $0.001 to $0.05 per every ad click/view. There are several PTC sites which enable you to earn plenty of extra money by pleasing you with your referrals. Every of your referrals will click and earn for you any amount from $0.001 to $0.01 per ad click/view on the PTC website. The amount seems to be very tiny but their accumulation can make you richer than your imagination.
Other earning features of PTC Sites. Beside ads clicking there are other ways of earning from PTC sites; these are doing mini jobs, solving/sign-up offers, referral contest, affiliate programs and so on. You can earn a good amount of money from these programs of the PTC sites. Some of the sites also pay a bonus to the members for those tasks.
How to select Trusted and Best PTC Sites. There are thousands of PTC sites working online, but all of them are not reliable, trusted and does not pay regularly. The study says that about 90% of the PTC sites could not prove their trustworthiness by paying regular payment to their clients. Many of them could not continue their business and pushed the member of the sites to financial loss. They proved to be scam/cheat. On the other hand, 90% of the client could not continue their work with these PTC sites and do their success because of their lack of patience and ignorance of necessary tactics. Those who can choose trusted sites and continue clicking the ads for a long time with discipline they can earn lots of money. For achieving success working in PTC sites you need to follow proper strategy continuously. You can see somebody earned even more than $90,000.00 (Ninety thousand) from the PTC site NeoBux. The following ad shows that the NeoBux member has already earned $92,110.37.
Some tips for better earning from PTC Sites.
1)   Have patience, patience & patience. Earning from PTC is long time job.
2)   Before joining a site, check the Member list, age of the site and their payout proofs.
3)  Read the TOS (Terms of Service) of the site and the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) to understand the different aspects of the site.
4)   Do not sign up/join in any site which does not have the Support/Forum.
5)   Do not join in any site whose owner/admin was previously known as a scammer.
6)   Initially, do not invest your own money in the PTC sites to buy anything.
7)   After sign up click the ads regularly (preferably on a specified time) without any fail.
8)   Be cautious about your IP Address; otherwise, there is threat of closing your account.
9)   Keep your computer always clean from viruses, malware, spyware by effective anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall software.
10)  Always try to get referrals (Direct/Rental) to increase your earnings and manage them properly.
Some of the Trusted PTC Sites with their main features.

Site Name
Online Since
Your Click
Referral Click
Minimum Cashout
Payment Gateway
Links to Join
Upto $0.02
Upto $0.01
Join here
Upto $0.02
Upto $0.01
Join here
Upto $0.04
Upto $0.02
Join here
Upto $0.01
Upto $0.01
Join here
Upto $0.02
Upto $0.01
Join here
Ojoo wad
Upto $0.035
Upto 0.017
Join here
Upto $0.01
Upto $0.01
Join here

Conclusion.     Many educated young boys/girls of the third world countries are looking for jobs but they remain unemployed for a long time due to unavailability of suitable jobs. Hence, the online earnings especially the PTC sites can be the best source of steady income for them and this will help to eradicate the unemployment problem of these countries. It is observed that many of these girls/boys are spoiling their valuable time through other sites on the internet. PTC sites can be the best place for them to earn a handsome amount of money and make them self-dependent following proper strategy.

Beautiful Bangladesh – My Motherland

Parliament Building-Bangladesh
Parliament Building-Bangladesh

National Parliament Building is the house of Parliament of the People’s Republic of Bangladeshsituated at Sher-e-BanglaNagar in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.

Louis Kahn, an architect designer, designed the whole complexwhich incorporates lawns, lake, and residences for the Members of the Parliament (MP).The architect’s key design philosophy was to represent Bangladeshi culture and heritage, whereas at the same time optimizing the utilization of area. The outside of the building is placing in its simplicity, with large walls deeply recessed by porticoes and enormous openings of normal geometric shapes. The main building, that is in the middle of the complexis split into 3 elements – the Main Plaza, South Plaza and Presidential Plaza. An artificial lake surrounds 3 sides of the main building of National Parliament Building, extending to the Members of Parliament hostel complex. This skillful use of water to portray the riverine fantastic thing about Bangladesh adds to the aesthetic worth of the location.