20 Best Content Writing Tips for the Beginners

In blogging, content is the king. As such content writing is the most important matter for a blogger. The better content helps the bloggers to make the article most acceptable to the readers. Generally, the new bloggers open a blog and start thinking about the ranking of his blog. They start thinking about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), backlinking, marketing, traffic etc to up rank his blog and earn dollars.

When the content is best on your blog, people are bound to visit it. First, you should make a blog, start good content writing, do a better SEO and then go for marketing. Then Google will automatically find out your site and rank it.

So, the quality of the content is the key to your blog. Here I would like to mention some of the techniques to be followed by the new writers for successful content writing.Tips for effective content writing

Tips for effective content writing

  • Research the subject matter. Before starting writing your content, select your niche and research the subject matter of your niche.  The subject should solve the problem of the visitors of your site/blog.
  • Research your keywords. Research the best key words for your article before starting the content writing. Keyword research is an important factor in selecting the keywords.
  • Collect materials. Start collecting materials on the subject from different sources, it may be physical or virtual. The information must be authentic and true; otherwise, you will lose the returning visitors in your blog and your blog may be subjected to the penalty by Google. After collecting the materials related to your subject you should start writing. You may use Google+ and Evernote to file the collected information and make a draft of your article. Evernote allows you to save the web pages to a cloud based file system.
  • Start drafting.  Make your 1st, 2nd, and the 3rd draft. If you want to write an article of 500 words, initially make it more than 1000 words in your first draft. Then deduct the content which is less important for your article. This way you make your 2nd and the 3rd draft. Sometimes, you have to be very ruthless to deduct the content from your article to make it a better quality article.
  • Write headline/title. Write a very good catchy headline/title on your selected subject. You may visit the sites Content Idea generator or HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator for making good headline/title.
  • Write sub-headlines. Write 3-4 sub headlines basing on your subject headline/title. Here you need to discuss your topic elaborately.
  • Write introduction. Write a catchy introduction. Make the first sentence your best.  It will help you to make interest to the visitors to go in depth of your article.
  • Write the body of the article. Write 2-3 paragraphs under each sub-headline to describe your subject. Try to give proper example against your each statement.
  • Write conclusion. Write an excellent conclusion. It should contain the summary of the content written under different sub headings. Here you should remind your readers the key points of your topic/ article. There should be a call to action message which the readers should keep in his memory.
  • Internal links. Try to give some internal links in reference to some of your existing articles in your blog. This a great technique to keep your visitor engaged into your blog.
  • External links. Give some external links to some good articles/blogs on your niche. This will increase the quality of your writing.
  • Keyword density. The key word density is an important matter in the perspective of Google search. But in my opinion, if somebody can write natural, nothing to be worried about the density. Write natural, then you will find that the keyword density is being maintained automatically. Try to use the main keyword in the heading and some of the sub-headings.
  • Image/Video. Use image and videos to increase the quality of your writing. Use only the images/videos related to your topics. Do not use any irrelevant image/video. Again the video length should be optimum. It should not cause the irritating for the readers.
  • Provide tables/charts. Try to give tables/charts to highlight different statistics on the subject. This will definitely upgrade the quality of your content.
  • Infographics. Now a day, the infographic is very important items to write a good article. It provides very important messages to the readers within very short time. It will also help you in acquiring backlinks and increase the google ranking of your article.
  • Plagiarism. Do not use any content directly from others writings of the web. Or in other words, do not do copy-paste. Try to write your own original content. You take others writing as a reference, but you are to acknowledge it. Also, do not use any copyright image or video. You may use check the plagiarism of your content here for free.
  • Check the spelling & grammar. Spelling and grammar is a very important aspect of the content writing. If there are spelling mistakes and incorrect grammar in your writing you will lose the confidence of the readers. The readers will feel irritating and may not come back to visit your site again. you may use this tools to check the grammar and spelling of your content.
  • Length of the content. The length is an important factor in content writing. Your article should not be less than 300 words. Whatever may be the length, your aim should be transmitting the message in the correct manner. You should keep in mind that the content should not be so small that the readers do not understand the theme of the writing. Again the length should not be so big that the readers lose the interest of reading the article. In both cases, your aim of writing the article will go in vein.
  • Writing technique. Keep the paragraph short. 2-3 sentences in each paragraph. Write simple English; do not use any jargon. Do not make your writing keyword stuffing. Make your writing natural. Write for the audience not for the search engine. Write only on a single item at a time.
  • Proofreading and editing. Great content writing never happens in the first draft. Read the content again and again and try to understand whether it provides the message you originally intended to pass. Forward your 3rd draft content writing to your friends or family members to read it and comment on it. Listen to the comments and act as per your judgments. For the best quality of content writing, you will need to revise your content again and again. Edit the content, til it achieves perfection.


Content writing is the main job of writing an article or blog post. If your content is not good, visitors will not visit your site. Generally, people visit a blog to read something, to get the solution of his/her problem and to gather knowledge.  If the content of the blog is not good and it is not well written then it does not fulfill his/her requirements.

As such the blog writer must provide the information from most reliable and authentic sources. While writing, the writer must be aware so that there is no grammatical or spelling mistake. The writer may lose his/her credibility. The content should have a justified length as per the merit of the subject.

The content should be supported by the images, videos, infographics, tables etc to enhance its quality. Above all your revision must be very accurate as it is the last stage of the content writing. Once your content writing is good, you have to have good SEO and marketing. If you follow all these tips of content writing, your content must be excellent and you will have more and more traffic and higher google ranking.


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